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Dec 17

A Blink of Pink

Video registration of my performance at the Institute for Provocation (IFP), Beijing, China. Location: Black Sesame Space.
A more exiting inspiration is Beijing Nightlife nowadays and Bakker found in the Temple Bar his model Pink. He wrote a song A Blink of Pink which is about his new illusion of Beijing Nightlife.

A Blink of Pink

Sunken and Drunken
Play the Fool
A Slender Gender Bender
Touched in Tempel
A Blink of Pink

Carmine drips on Houhai (2x)
A Slick of Pink shines Icely.

Going wild, facing Hot,
High Heeled, Black Hair
Out of the Blue Screen
A Blink of Pink

Singing and Dancing
Play the Key
I like to be an Artist
Making drawings of
A Blink of Pink