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Apr 22

Apollo's Song

The atmosphere is erotically charged at Galleria Borghese, but Apollo’s wife looks away. Then Apollo sings his love for Daphne, after which Daphne turns to Bayes. Apollo’s wife takes care of the laurel tree. The spirit of Daphne will live forever in her honorable house of the laurel tree.
Duration: 4:40
A poetry film/music video/animation by Pedro
Bakker and Isabella Giacomelli.
Director: Pedro Bakker
Animator: Pedro Bakker
Editor: Isabella Giacomelli
Poet: John Lyly
Poem: Apollo’s Song
Composer theme song: Gilbert Isbin
Lutenist: Talitha Cumi Witmer
Countertenor: Daniël Elgersma
Producer: Pedro Bakker
Financier: Mondriaanfonds.
Password: 16eBra