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Yan'an 1938, coloured pencil and watercolour on paper, 185 x 190 cm, 2015.
Feb 16

Creative Dystopian

Text by Jelle Bouwhuis, art historian, contemporary art researcher and conservator at the Arnhem Museum.
"A long essay dealing with the work of Dutch artist Pedro Bakker published in the monographic book publication 'Pedro Bakker - Innocent' (Onomatopee 2016). Order at
I start with looking back at Bakker's work made during a residency stay alongside the amsterdam highway organized by Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam in 2006. Through series of works, mainly large scale drawings, such as 'To Draw Politically' featuring a controversial representation of the assassinated Theo van Gogh, I finish with an expose on Bakker's series of works around Madame Mao. The latter text was printed as a separate insert to avoid censorship in China, where the book is also published. Text in English and Chinese. Thanks to Pedro Bakker, Hanne Hagenaars and Laurens ten Kate!"