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Feb 24


The performance of KOPPIÉCASSIE will happen on Sunday April 7, 2024. Starts at 3:00 PM, 't Tsjerkje De Pimpelmees, Schettens. Also Open Studio Day with presentation of film project Héy, Little Blue about Lucebert's war years. Further visual artist Jan Ruerd Oosterhaven explains how he makes his abstract drawings in the service of an algorithm. Today, Jan Ruerd is the bassist of KOPPIÉCASSIE and is a music teacher at the Groningen Conservatory, where he inspires a new generation of musicians with his ImproMachine.

Lucas Bakker (14), tenor/soprano saxophone, winner of the Princes Christina Jazz Competition 2023.
Kobe Bakker (12), drums.
Pedro Bakker, piano and keyboard.
Jan Ruerd Oosterhaven, double bass and bass guitar.
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