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Jun 16

Pygmalion's Bride

Pygmalion was a sculptor who fell in love with a statue he had carved.
This film portrays a woman who is drawn in several portraits by an artist and how she feels uncomfortable.


Pygmalion’s Bride by Carol Ann Duffy, The World’s Wife: Picador Classic, Pan Macmillan Publishers.

Directors: Chen Yujie, Pedro Bakker
Cast: Wu Dan, Pedro Bakker

Camera: Chen Yujie
Drawings still images: Pedro Bakker

Music: Cold Shadows - Johann Bourdin Hibou Music

Voice-over: Alana Gillespie

Studio Oorbit, Amsterdam, NL
Studio DAC & Chongqing AIR, Chongqing, CN

“Qianxi” drawings from the book “Innocent”, Pedro Bakker, Onomatopee 107, 2016